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(1) If you are using a version of GrooVR prior to version 1.4.0, please refer to this article:

(2) Some S8 users may experience 'stuttering video' effects in some journeys. For more, please read:


Gear VR controls

GrooVR uses the intuitive controls built into the Gear VR headset, including the trackpad, the back button and the volume control. 


GrooVR Basics

With the GrooVR app running, use the back button (shown above) to toggle the GrooVR menu (shown below) on and off.

This menu will allow you to choose both the music you want to hear and the Journey you wish to take. 


When the GrooVR menu is active, a targeting reticle appears directly ahead of you. Move your head to move the reticle. Interactive elements of the menu will react when the reticle passes over them.

Tap the trackpad to select any interactive element under the reticle.

It is that easy - just gaze and tap to select! 

Exiting the App

There are two ways to exit the app.

(1) In GrooVR's main menu, you will find an Exit button in the bottom button bar’s rightmost position.

(2) Press and hold the back button located above the touchpad on the Gear VR headset. This will take you to the Oculus menu. Once there, select the box sitting at the top left and you will be returned to the Oculus Home.

Choosing Music

Press the back button to bring up the main menu, if necessary.

Tap the Music button in the bottom button row to view the music menu. You will now have access to 3 new controls at the top of the menu.

  • Browse: If you choose a streaming music source, you will see various playlists, including any you may have created at the provider’s web site. If you choose device music, you’ll see tracks arranged by artist, album, and genre.

    At this time, it is not possible to search either SoundCloud or Spotify.
  • Now Playing: This section will always show the current playlist.

Use the up/down scroll buttons provided to the right of the Playlist tiles, or swipe the trackpad (up or down) to view all of the tiles available, if necessary.

Select a playlist tile to display its contents, which may be another playlist or a song list. Once you have found the desired song list, select play to begin with the first song in the list or select a specific song in the list to begin.

Music Player Controls

Music player controls are always located to the right side of the menu. These include: pause/play, previous/next track, shuffle, repeat, and a shortcut to the Now Playing page.

You may tap the speaker icon by the volume slider to toggle muting.

Choosing a Journey

Press the back button to bring up the GrooVR menu, if necessary.

To browse Journeys, the virtual reality worlds we've created for you, tap the Journeys button on the bottom button bar.

TIP: You can pause and resume your motion through a Journey by holding down the Gear VR trackpad for a moment.

Tapping any Journey tile will display its details, including a description of the Journey, the file size, and a button that is used to download and launch the Journey.

Journeys must be downloaded to your device prior to viewing the first time. An active internet connection is required to download a Journey, and there must be sufficient storage space on your device to complete the download.

Once downloaded, a Journey may be launched from inside the details page.

Settings and Help 

Experiencing performance issues? Read: Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy for GrooVR

To access Settings and help information, tap the Settings button at the leftmost position in the bottom button bar.

The Settings menu contains these controls.

  • Manage Accounts: Here, you may sign out of your music providers. To sign in again, go to the Music menu and choose the provider.
  • Controls: This page contains volume controls for both sound effects and music. You may also relaunch the first-time user tutorial.
  • Notifications: Here you may activate or deactivate device notifications for new Journeys and special events.
  • FAQ: Here are a few tips that may improve your GrooVR experience.
  • Support: Links to helpful online resources.
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