GrooVR launches on Samsung Gear VR

Presence-labs has launched GrooVR, a music driven virtual reality app designed for the Samsung Gear VR headsets and exclusively available from the Oculus Store.

Immerse yourself in a constantly growing and varied catalog of virtual environments. Chill out by a serene Buddhist lake shrine or get pumped up in our laser show. Each experience will respond to the mood and beats of your music! 

Stream your music from Spotify and SoundCloud, or play music files directly from your device, all from within GrooVR.

Whether you listen to Pop, Indie, Rock, HipHop, EDM, or any other genre of music, you’ll be energized as the virtual environment comes to life with your music flowing through the electric visual effects.

Combine your music with virtual reality experiences using the GrooVR menu and controls built right in the Gear VR headset. You don't need a separate controller.

Download for free. Found exclusively in the Oculus Store.


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    Francisco Olgoso Martínez

    The application is not installed. After downloading on the Samsung S7 edge comes out an ERROR message. I have the latest Samsung update installed

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    @Francisco - reach out to our support team for assistance: email

    You might first try using the application manager to uninstall (if the install was successful), reboot the phone and re-install. That can sometimes clear up issues.

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