Using GrooVR

Gear VR controls

GrooVR uses the intuitive controls built into the Gear VR headset, including the trackpad, the back button and the volume control. 

Users with the 2016 Samsung consumer headset will also find compatible controls.



GrooVR Basics

With the GrooVR app running, use the back button or the back key (shown above) to toggle the GrooVR menu (shown below) on and off.

This menu will allow you to choose both the music you want to hear and the virtual experience you wish to see. 

When the GrooVR menu is active, a targeting reticle appears directly ahead of you. Move your head to move the reticle. Interactive elements of the menu will react when the reticle passes over them.

Tap the trackpad to select any interactive element under the reticle.

It is that easy - just gaze and tap to select! 

Music related controls are on the left side of the main menu. Experience related controls are on the right side. More information about these controls are provided in the following sections.

There are two ways to exit the app.

(1) In GrooVR's main menu, all the way to the right side, you'll see three boxes; settings, help, and a white one with the Oculus symbol in the center. Select that box to exit to Oculus.

(2) The other way is to press and hold the back button located above the touchpad on the Gear VR headset. This will take you to the Oculus menu. Once there, select the box sitting at the top left and you will be returned to the Oculus Home.


Choosing Music

Press the back button to bring up the main menu, if necessary.

Select a music source from the list located on the far left of the menu (highlighted below). Choose from GrooVR Music, music already loaded on your device (phone), or choose to access a streaming music service from inside the GrooVR app.

Note: For details on playing music already loaded on your device, refer to:

Where does GrooVR look for music on my device?

Playlists from the selected source, or folders containing playlists, will be shown as tiles in the Music section.

Use the up/down scroll buttons provided to the right of the Playlist tiles, or swipe the trackpad (up or down) to view all of the tiles available, if necessary.

Select a playlist tile to display its contents, which may be another playlist or a song list. Once you have found the desired song list, select play to begin with the first song in the list or select a specific song in the list to begin.

At this time, it is not possible to search either SoundCloud or Spotify.

For help logging into Spotify, review:  How do I log into Spotify?

For help logging into SoundCloud, review: How do I log into SoundCloud?

Music Player Controls

Music player controls, similar to what you find on any music player, are located in the center of the menu. These include: pause/play, previous and next track, shuffle and repeat.

Choosing an Experience

Press the back button to bring up the GrooVR menu, if necessary.

Experiences, the virtual reality worlds we've created for you, are located in tiles on the left side of the main menu (see image below).

Selecting the information button on any experience tile will display its details, including a description of the experience, the file size, and a button that is used to download and launch an experience.

Experiences must be downloaded to your device prior to viewing the first time. An active internet connection is required to download an experience and there must be sufficient storage space on your device to complete the download.

Once downloaded, an experience can be launched from inside the details page, or directly from the GrooVR menu using the now visible launch button.

After launching the desired experience, press the back button to toggle off the main menu. Kick back and enjoy.

Settings and Help

Experiencing performance issues? Read: Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy for GrooVR

Both the Settings and Help buttons are highlighted below.

Use the Settings button on the far right to logout of your music service account, change the relative volume of the Effects or Music, or to change your notifications preferences. 

Find a player tutorial REPLAY button under the Help button on the far right of the menu. 

That is a basic review of all the controls on the GrooVR menu. 

While most controls are located in the menu, the trackpad built into the Gear VR headset can also be used while watching an experience and with the menu off.


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