How do I log into Spotify?

A Premium (paid) account is necessary to use Spotify from inside the GrooVR app.

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If you used Facebook to create your Spotify account, please follow these steps to log into Spotify:

  • Select 'Spotify' from the list of music sources
  • Select 'Login' to open the Spotify app web view
  • Select 'Log in to Spotify'
  • Select 'Log in with Facebook'
  • When prompted with 'Log into your Facebook account to connect to Spotify', enter your FB email and password, then select 'Log In'

If you created your Spotify account using an email and password, and not Facebook credentials, follow these steps to log in:

  • Select 'Spotify' from the list of music sources 
  • Select 'Login' to open the Spotify app web view
  • Select 'Log In To Spotify' and enter username and password
  • Use the scroll down button to expose the Log In button
  • Select 'Log In'  

The first time you log in to Spotify from the GrooVR app, you will have to review and allow the permissions listed. GrooVR will request permission to:

  • Read your publicly available information
  • Access your saved tracks and albums
  • Access your subscription details
  • Access your collaborative playlists
  • Access your private playlists
  • Play music and control playback on your other devices.

Use the scroll down button to review these permissions. Select OKAY to complete your initial login. 


Access your Spotify playlists by selecting the top left music tile entitled 'My Playlists'. 


Songs downloaded from a stream service, such as Spotify, may not be compatible with GrooVR because of where the downloaded songs are stored (not in the Music folder mentioned above) and/or because the files are not in a format compatible with GrooVR (MP3, WAV, MOD).

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  • Avatar
    Alex wolf

    Cant log into my spotify premium for some reason. Been having this problem for months. It says its logging in then goes back to the screen saying I need to log into my spotify premium account.

  • Avatar
    Benjamin Janssen

    also cannot log into spotify premium account. Not through face book (with or without all the 2-step verification options) nor with spotify password (or a reset one)
    This was the best thing ever when i got access to my online music, what happened?

  • Avatar

    I have a Spotify Premium account and when I attempt to login using my Spotify login (not through Facebook), I receive the screen saying I need a Premium account, after it appears to authenticate correctly. Again and again. Disappointing that the best feature of Groovr isn't even working.

  • Avatar
    Michael Borchmann

    For all spotify premium users: I had the same login problems. I could resolve in the following way: Please log in to your spotify account in a web browser. There in your profile there is a section for apps. Groovr should appear there as approved app. Now you shoud disable access to this app. Log off and start groovr, select spotify as music source and log in. Now you should see and accept the terms and conditions and voila, spotify now should work as desired. At least this way workd fine for me. Good luck!

  • Avatar
    Benjamin Janssen

    Michael, that fixed it!

    Nice one bud

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