Why are some of my music titles not displayed?

Music files on your device


If GrooVR isn't finding the music already loaded on your device,

please see: Where does GrooVR look for music on my device?

There are at least a couple reasons why some music files are not displayed in a GrooVR song list. 

Music on your device can be stored in a variety of file formats. The GrooVR app will currently load music files with the following extensions: ".MP3", ".WAV", and ".MOD". Files in other formats will not be loaded and therefore not appear on your song lists.

For more, see: What type of music files does GrooVR support?


Spotify playlists

At this time, GrooVR will only list the first 1000 songs of a Spotify playlist.


SoundCloud playlists

Some SoundCloud tracks are not stream-eligible through our APIs and those songs are silently culled from a playlist before they are displayed inside the GrooVR app. Stream-ineligible tracks remain in your playlist and you will still see them if you view the playlist in a browser.

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    Micheal Jennivian

    I have been using GrooVR from last one year. I have not faced this type of problem any time. You can also tryout GrooVR alternative app to get all Spotify music for free. The app name is setbeat. You can download it from http://setbeatapp.com

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