Where does GrooVR look for music on my device?

GrooVR now supports external SD cards.

For devices with an SD card:

Create a folder titled "Music" at the root level of the SD card and place your compatible music files there!

For all devices:

GrooVR will also look for music files in a folder titled "Music" under Device Storage on your phone's Local Storage.



(1) The music folder MUST be titled 'Music' with no variations.  

Here are some examples of folder names ('My music' & 'Mi musica') that WILL NOT WORK:


(2) Galaxy S7 devices may not have a Music folder in Device storage as shown above. For those devices, please create a folder in the Device storage area prior to transferring your music files.

(3) Songs downloaded from a streaming service, such as Spotify, may not be compatible with GrooVR because of where the downloaded songs are stored (not in the Music folder mentioned above) and/or because the files are not in a format compatible with GrooVR (MP3, WAV, MOD).

(4) In some cases, we have found mp3 files with improperly formatted headers. Mis-formed mp3 files can crash the application so GrooVR is programmed to skip past those tracks without loading them.

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    Richard Brown

    Oculus go doesn't recognize my mp3 music either in the local storage or device storage in the Music folder.?????

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