GrooVR launches Transcend Winter

Transcendence is back. This time it's set in a frosty realm; where everything is bigger, colder, and literally more "killer".

We're pushing the performance envelope with this latest experience. For help on how to optimize your device for winter weather, read Optimizing your Samsung Galaxy for GrooVR.

Bluetooth support

We have improved the performance of GrooVR when used with Bluetooth headphones with the release of version 1.1.1.  

Clear sound should now be heard using media-audio compatible Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.

A delay, or lag, in the sound will likely be present while using wireless headphones and our engineers will work on a solution to that remaining issue. If the delay is distracting, wired headphones should continue to be used. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Some improvements to product stability with the Note 4 have been made in this release. Because the Galaxy Note 4 is less capable than the flagship 2015 Galaxy devices, some issues may continue to be experienced by Note 4 users. 

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