Using a Galaxy Note 4 with GrooVR

GrooVR has been designed to work with the Gear VR and the 2015 Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones. These include the Note 5, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S7 and S7 edge devices.

The Note 4 is capable of running GrooVR but with mixed results. Using a Note 4, we are to reproduce several negative experiences. As the Note4's capabilities are limited, closing all other apps prior to using GrooVR helps to smooth out the video while tracking head movements. Seeing two separated images on startup can usually be remedied by undocking and re-docking the phone. Finally, some experiences are less taxing - Note 4 users should expect the best performance from the Electrik experience.

If you are a Note 4 user and would like to share your questions and experiences with others, we invite you to post a question or an observation in our community topic on General Questions and Discussion. Follow this link for instructions.

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    Kyle Milne

    This application and all experiences worked flawlessly for over a year on my Note 4. So it seems that the hardware was capable of running without issue. What feature of the updates caused the stuttering with both the menu and the experience?
    Please keep in mind I factory wiped my Note 4 and reverted to Android 5.1
    And only installed the oculus software nothing else. That would seem to point exclusively to the groove VR app
    Please help resolve

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