Purchasing a GrooVR Experience

New GrooVR experiences are now available for purchase. A BUY button replaces the DOWNLOAD button on the details page of these experiences. 

The purchase process


(1) An active internet connection is required to complete a purchase.

(2) Prior to making a purchase, your Oculus account must be setup with both a valid payment method and a 4-digit PIN code.

More info on adding a payment method: How do I add my payment method?

More info on setting a PIN code: How do I set up my PIN for my Oculus ID?

(3) All software purchases from the Oculus Store are final, and unless required by local law, no refunds will be provided.

The purchase of a GrooVR experience begins by selecting the BUY button on the experience details page. Once selected, the GrooVR app will be placed in the background and the Oculus Store takes over.

Oculus will load a purchase summary listing the following; the item being purchased, the payment method, purchase price, tax, and total price. Select the BUY button to continue.

The final required step to complete the purchase is to enter the 4-digit PIN code associate with your Oculus account. Once the PIN code is fully entered, Oculus will attempt to complete the purchase.

If the purchase is successful, the GrooVR app will resume and the experience will begin to download automatically. Oculus will send a receipt of the purchase to the email address associated with your Oculus account.

If the purchase is not successful, an error message will be surfaced and you will need to select the Cancel button to close out the purchase attempt and resume GrooVR.

Can I get a refund on a purchase?

All software purchases from the Oculus Store are final, and unless required by local law, no refunds will be provided.

Who do I contact if something went wrong with a purchase?

The Oculus Store handles the payment processing. This means that if you encounter an issue completing a purchase while the GrooVR app has been placed in the background, contact the Oculus support team for assistance.

If the purchase was successful but you have experienced an issue with the subsequent download or availability, contact the GrooVR support team for assistance. Please include the receipt number and your Oculus ID (the username associated with your Oculus account).

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